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Microsoft Access 2003 Theme Demo

Changing Themes in Microsoft Access 2003

The following demo was sent in by Keith Lemmermann a VB/VBA programmer, familiar with using Microsoft Access as front end system. The simple Microsoft Access demo file that can be downloaded from this page allows users to apply a selected theme and stores these choices in a end user table.

Microsoft Access Theme Demo (Microsoft Access 2003)
December 2007

This demo is simple and easy way to apply themes to an Access database, with very little code.

Feel free to make this your own. However if you do benefit from this demo, please drop the author a line at the email address above.


  1. Image table should be bound to the form, or loaded through an SQL function.
  2. Set image properties to 'Stretch', and Enabled = False
  3. The mouse scroll can cause problems, but there are plenty of ways to handle it. For this demo I just left as is.
  4. The user query is set to default user. To change this you would need to identify the logged in user, via LAN id, or login form, etc. I omitted this piece to keep the demo really simple.
  5. There's probably a lot of other information I should note, but I'm sure you all will figure it out with no problem.

Thanks & Enjoy!

Below we see an example of the Microsoft Access form, displayed using an Olive Theme:

The form, displaying an Olive theme.

Clicking on the Change Display Settings shows us the following form:

Theme Display Settings form.

Selecting the Blue Theme, we will now see the form appear as shown below:

The form, displaying an Blue theme.

Download the demo file: Microsoft Access 2003 Theme Demo Download [36 KB]