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Understanding the Field and File Formats of Access 2007:

Microsoft Access 2007 Field Formats

One of the most unique changes in the newest version of Microsoft Access, Microsoft Access 2007, is the introduction of new field formats. Most database programs, including all previous versions of Access, allowed only a single value to be stored within each field, but Access 2007 allows users to store multiple values in each field, in effect creating a many to many relationship within the field itself, while hiding the details of the implementation using system tables.

In order to understand this new feature, consider for a minute that you have a table of tasks which includes a lookup table used to assign a task to an employee. Consider now that the same task is to be assigned to several different employees. The new multiple value fields within Access 2007 allow users to accomplish that goal, selecting as many resources as needed for each task.

Another important new feature of Access 2007 is the introduction of the Attachment data type. This unique data type allows users to easily and quickly store all kinds of documents and binary files within the database, without adding unnecessary bloat to the file. Attachments added to the database are automatically compressed, saving precious hard drive space and reducing the size of the resulting database. The attachment file format supports a number of file types, including photo file formats, word processing documents and more. In addition, multiple attachments can be added to a single record for added convenience.

Microsoft Access 2007 File Formats

In addition to these new field formats, the new Access 2007 also marks the introduction of a number of new file extensions. These file extensions included as part of Access 2007 include the following:

  • ACCDB – This is the file extension associated with the new Access 2007 file format. This file extension replaces the MDB extension used in previous versions of the program.
  • ACCDE – This is the extension used to indicate Access 2007 files which are in “execute only” mode. ACCDE files have had all Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) source code removed. Users accessing ACCDE files can only execute that VBA code and cannot modify it. The ACCDE file type replaces the MDE file extension used in older versions of Microsoft Access.
  • ACCDT – This file extension is used for Access database templates.
  • ACCDR – The ACCDR file extension is a new extension that allows users to open a database in runtime mode. Database developers can create a locked down version of an Access 2007 database simply by changing the file extension from accdb to accdr. Changing the file extension back to accdb restores full functionality.

The additional file extensions provided with the new Access 2007, in conjunction with the file extensions that already exist in previous versions of Access, provide a great deal of flexibility, functionality and security for Access programmers, business owners and IT professionals. The new Access 2007 offers excellent security without sacrificing the usability and simplicity that users of past versions of Access have come to know and love.

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