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Microsoft Access 2007 File Formats

Which File Format is Right for Me?:

The newest version of Microsoft Access marks the introduction of a new file format which uses the file extension of .accdb. In addition to this new format, however, Microsoft Access 2007 continues to provide support for many of the file formats used in earlier versions of the database program. Even so, it is recommended that users of Access 2007 use the new .accdb file format whenever possible, in order to take advantage of the many new features and benefits it provides.

The new .accdb file format includes a number of new product enhancements and features. When a new database is created using Access 2007, the file is saved as an .accdb file by default. This new file format should be used whenever possible since the format supports a number of new features and benefits, including multiple value fields and the addition of attachments in various formats.

It is important to keep in mind, however, the at an Access file saved in .accdb format cannot be linked to or opened in older versions of the program. If the database will be used by users of previous versions of Access, it should be saved in .mdb format.

When possible, however, it is a good idea to take advantage of the power of the .accdb format. This new format includes such enhancements as:

  • Multiple value fields - previous versions of Access permitted only one entry in a field, but the newest version allows more than one entry in each record. For instance, Access 2007 provides project managers and others the ability to assign a single task to multiple users, creating a many to many relationship that can be very useful.
  • The Attachment data type – The new Attachment data type provides users with the ability to quickly and easily store many types of binary files and documents in the database, all while limiting the size of that database. File types like photo file formats, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and others are automatically saved in compressed format, saving space while preserving the integrity of the information. This new Attachment data type is only supported in files saved in .accdb format.
  • Tighter integration with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services – In past versions, files in .mdb format were blocked by Outlook and SharePoint services because unsafe code could be included in that format. Access 2007 allows code to ether be verified safe or to be disabled, making it possible to integrate Access databases more easily and more fully with Outlook and SharePoint Services. Like the Attachment and multiple field types, this tighter integration is only available with the .accdb format.
  • History tracking – Beginning with Access 2007, database administrators and other IT professionals now have a way to track the history of changes made to the database, including the identity of those who make additions, changes or deletions to the database.
  • Better and more secure encryption – Users of the .accdb file format also have the ability to set a database password and encrypt a database. This improved encryption scheme is available only with .accdb files.

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