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Microsoft Access 2007 Information Sharing

Information Sharing is a Key Feature of the New Access 2007:

Sharing data has never been more important than it is in today's busy world. The ability to quickly and easily share data among colleagues, business partners and others is a real competitive edge in the world of business, and finding programs that make that data sharing easy and user friendly is important. The new Microsoft Access 2007 database program includes a number of handy new features and benefits designed to make sharing and using information easier and more intuitive.

As part of the Microsoft Office 2007 suite of programs, Access 2007 of course makes it simple to share data with other members of the Office family, including Excel, Outlook and more. From the ability to paste an entire spreadsheet into an Excel table to the ability to import contacts from Microsoft Outlook, sharing data has been made simpler, easier and more efficient in the newest version of Access. Access 2007 also allows for the collection of information by email through the use of InfoPath or HTML forms generated by Access.

Web based collaboration is also a big part of the improvements inherent in Access 2007. Users are able to collaborate over the Web through the use of Windows SharePoint Services. Those web sites which are based on Windows SharePoint Services allow team members to quickly and efficiently work together on a project, no matter where their physical location may be.

Access 2007 also allows users to publish Access files to libraries, or to move the applications to Windows SharePoint Services. The newest version of Access also provides the capability for database developers to move the data and front-end databases to the server, so that the entire team can easily access it through their Web browsers. Users with the proper permissions can easily view, update, create and delete forms and reports through SharePoint Services, making it easier than ever for developers and users to work as a team.

Also included is the ability to track information on Windows SharePoint Services lists, through the use of the Access 2007 client on the local computer. In addition, users are free to work with Windows SharePoint Services offline, providing even greater flexibility for traveling employees and those working from home. The documents can easily be altered while offline, and the changes seamlessly integrated after the network connection has been restored.

The new Access 2007 also allows authors to use business logic created with workflow to build collaborative applications for workgroups. Workflow can be used to automatically assign tasks to team members, provide reports on the status of the project and help ensure that key tasks are completed in a timely manner. All Windows SharePoint Services tasks can easily be viewed from within Access 2007.

Another boon for travelers is the fact that these Windows SharePoint Services lists can be accessed not only from traditional desktop and notebook computers but from cell phones as well, allowing remote users and travelers to keep up to date as business needs change. Access 2007 also allows users to save reports in PDF or XML format for easy viewing and printing. These formats are designed to capture all the formatting and page structure of the original report, and to allow those without Access 2007 to easily view the information.

Access 2007 also provides users and administrators with the ability to easily manage and audit sensitive and private information. Access 2007 has been made even more secure with enhanced security features. The trust decisions for Microsoft Office programs are integrated within the Office Trust Center, and these trusted locations make it easier to use databases within security enhanced folders. It is also possible to load databases with macros and code features disabled in order to provide a safer and more secure experience to users. Other new security features built in to Access 2007 provide the ability for administrators and database owners to track records in order to determine which users created, edited or deleted records. Access 2007 also provides support for data auditing, allowing IT professionals to easily manager, secure and back up important data.

With the new Access 2007 program and other members of the Microsoft Office family on the horizon, the time to learn about the great new features and benefits these programs provide is now. It is important for both managers and ordinary users to learn about the new functions and capabilities of powerful programs like Access 2007 in order to be ready for the office of the future.

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