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Microsoft Access 2007 Features

The Powerful New Features of Microsoft Access 2007:

For as long as businesses and individuals have used data, there has been a need for a way to collect, maintain and use that data. Database programs like Microsoft Access were built with that need in mind, and with every new generation of the Access program, Microsoft has attempted to make the database experience safer, easier and more user friendly. That tradition continues with the release of the new Access 2007, part of the Microsoft Office 2007 family of products.

Prebuilt Solutions

One of the most powerful new features of the Microsoft Access 2007 program is the introduction of a number of prebuilt solutions. These prebuilt solutions are a part of the Getting Started screen, making it faster and easier than ever to get started right out of the box.

These prebuilt solutions can be used for such things as tracking contracts, issues, events, tasks, assets and much more. The prebuilt solutions provided can then be used as templates as is, or they can easily be enhanced and customized to accommodate virtually any kind of information needed. These templates allow information to be used however it is needed.

In addition to the power of the prebuilt solutions, Access 2007 also provides a fresh new look and feel with a new results oriented user interface. This new interface makes it easier than ever for users to create, modify and enhance applications. The new interface is context sensitive and efficient. Containing nearly 1,000 available commands, the user interface is designed to display only those which are relevant to the task at hand. The new user interface also features a tabbed window view and a new status bar, along with a modern looking title bar and scroll bars for easier navigation.

Speaking of navigation, Access 2007 also features a new navigation pane which provides a comprehensive and user friendly view of the various tables, forms, queries and reports that make up the database. Access 2007 also provides the ability to create custom groups, allowing users to organize all their forms and reports into a single table.

The creation of tables is also simplified and enhanced within Access 2007, making it easier for users without prior database experience to create dynamic and useful tables. The information can be entered directly into the table, just like within Excel. As each new value is entered, Access 2007 automatically adds a new field and detects the type of data it contains. Access 2007 even provides the ability to paste an entire Excel spreadsheet into Access, with no need to retype data.

The new Access 2007 also provides users with the ability to quickly and easily import contact records directly from Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. An Outlook contact record can easily be imported into Access 2007, and records can be exported from Access 2007 to Outlook as well.

The ability to quickly and easily share information between different programs is one of the most powerful features of the new Access 2007. This ability makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues, gather information, avoid the need for time-consuming retyping and ensure that the data needed is always at hand. Users of the new Access 2007 will find many improvements in the new product, and it is a good idea for those currently using older products to learn as much as possible about the new features and benefits of this powerful database program.

Microsoft Office Access 2007 Desktop DatabasesMicrosoft Office Access 2007 Desktop Databases

Microsoft Access is an application used to create small and midsize computer desktop databases for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. It can also be used as a database server for a web-based application.

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