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Microsoft Access 2007 Features

Understanding the New Features of Microsoft Access 2007:

Microsoft Office has long been one of the flagship products of the company, and the long awaited Microsoft Office 2007 product will soon be making its debut on the scene. From new versions of Word and Excel to an enhanced email and calendaring program, Microsoft Office 2007 has much to recommend it. Some of the most dramatic, and most welcome, changes have taken place within Microsoft Access 2007, and users of this powerful database program should begin to prepare for these changes before planning an upgrade.

It is important for both database developers and database users to be prepared for the changes that have taken place in this latest version of the popular database program. Many businesses, both large and small, have built their infrastructures around this desktop database program, and it is important for those businesses to be prepared for the changes that will come with the new upgrade. Many of these features are things database developers, application developers and other IT professionals have been asking for, while others are more controversial.

Some of the most important new features within the Access 2007 upgrade include:

Column Summaries

Database developers will appreciate the ability to add summary information to the database. Access 2007 provides the ability for developers to add a row to the datasheet in order to display summary information, meaning that forms which are displayed in datasheet view can show summaries, such as sum, min, max, etc. at the bottom of each datasheet column.

Better Filtering

The new Access 2007 also provides vastly improved finds and filters, including such intuitive filtering as “between yesterday and tomorrow” and similar filters. These real language filters provide a great deal of flexibility for both database developers and ordinary users.

Security Changes

Database developers need to be aware of the fact that Access 2007 no longer supports user level security. The new program makes use of an improved database password to provide security. Microsoft recommends that users who require more security use the ACCDE file format to protect forms, reports and code from unauthorized access or changes.

The Ribbon

One of the most unusual, and most controversial, changes to appearing Access 2007 is the new ribbon. This “ribbon” is a large horizontal control which contains buttons and other controls, which are arranged into logical groupings. This ribbon has replaced the menus and toolbars which were used for navigation in earlier versions of Access. No doubt some users will love the new ribbon, while others will hate it and long for the earlier versions of Access.

No matter how database developers and users may feel about these and other new features contained within Access 2007, it is important to prepare for these changes when deciding on the optimal upgrade path. Some companies and IT professionals will no doubt find the new features of great benefit, while others may decide to hold off upgrading for awhile. No matter what the upgrade path, it is important to learn about the many new features and benefits embodied in this latest version of Microsoft Access.

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