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Creating Flashing Form Controls

Is it possible to make a label or a text box control blink or flash when viewed on a Microsoft Access form?

Answer » Yes...

The Timer Event

Use the form' On Timer event. The Timer event occurs for a form at regular intervals as specified by the form's TimerInterval property.

By running a macro or event procedure when a Timer event occurs, you can control what Microsoft Access does at every timer interval. For example, you might want to requery underlying records or repaint the screen at specified intervals.

Create the Flashing Label

Private Sub Form_Timer()
' Change YourLabelName to the name of the control
' on the form
    Me.YourLabelName.Visible = Not Me.YourLabelName.Visible
End Sub

Set the Timer Interval to how fast you want the controls flash rate to appear (start around 400).

Timer Interval

You can use the TimerInterval property to specify the interval, in milliseconds, between Timer events on a form. The TimerInterval property setting is a Long Integer value between 0 and 2,147,483,647.