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Microsoft Access ACCDE File Format

Converting an Access Database to ACCDE File Format

If you have created a Microsoft Access database application that you will be distributing, you will want to convert it to a format that will prevent users from copying or modifying the database’s functionality. This article will deal with how we can convert an Access database to an ACCDE file.

Situations may arise where you need to quickly and securely distribute an Access database that also contains VBA code. While allowing the database to provide all the necessary functions, you also want to prevent users from viewing and modifying code or altering the design of forms and reports. Converting your database to an ACCDE file will help you to lock the code and disallow design modifications.

The Microsoft Access ACCDE File Format

An .accde file is the Office Access 2007 version of the .mde file in earlier versions of Access. It is a locked-down version of the original .accdb file. If the .accdb file contained any VBA code, only the compiled code is included in the .accde file - as a result, the VBA code cannot be viewed or modified by the user. The ACCDE file allows users to perform normal database operations, but prohibits creation of database objects and alterations to the designs of forms and reports.

Benefits of an ACCDE File

An ACCDE file has the following benefits:

  • Reduces the size of the database.
  • Optimizes memory usage and improves performance.
  • Protects the VBA code from being viewed or edited while still allowing it to run.
  • Allows users to update data and run reports without providing the entire database.

Forms and Reports in an ACCDE File

An ACCDE file does not allow you to:

  • View, modify, or create forms, reports, or modules in Design view.
  • Add, delete, or change references to databases or object libraries.
  • Change code—there is no source code.
  • Import or export forms, reports, or code modules

ACCDE File Requirements

Before converting a database to an ACCDE file, you must password protect the database and save all references to other Access databases.

MDE File Format

The ACCDE file format in the Access 2007 application replaces the MDE format in earlier versions of Microsoft Access.

How to Convert an Access Database to an ACCDE File

To convert an Access database to an ACCDE file:

  1. Open the desired database, and on the Database Tools tab, in the Database Tools group, click Make ACCDE.

    The Make ACCDE option, on the Database Tools tab of the ribbon
  2. If necessary, in the Save As dialog box, navigate to the folder where you want to save the ACCDE file.
  3. If necessary, in the File Name text box, rename the file.
  4. Click Save to convert the Access database to an ACCDE file.
  5. Open the ACCDE file and confirm that the conversion was successful.