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Microsoft Access Application Design

Creating a Microsoft Access Application:

Once you have worked through the stages of Planning a Microsoft Access Application, you will then move onto creating the application in Microsoft Access. If you have correctly structured the database design, the application design will be much easier to implement. Having spoke to your database user's, they will have given you ideas for what is required in the database application and you can begin work on the interface that will be used.

The following checklist details the application needs and data sources:

Investigation Phase

  • Talk to the users who will be working with the database application to find out their data input needs, reporting needs, querying and other data needs and application security needs.
  • Create a rough prototype by using the Database Wizard and other wizards and templates.

Planning the Database Tables

  • Account for all of the data.
  • Normalise the data tables.
  • Set up the database relationships and referential integrity.
  • Create tables, write in field descriptions in design view and add sample data to test the design.

Planning the Queries

  • Create queries for forms and reports.
  • Create queries for selecting and modifying data.

Create the required Forms

  • Start with the forms needed for data entry.
  • Test the forms.
  • Test the working prototype by using macros to automate tasks.

Creating the necessary Reports

  • Start with the reports needed to display entered information.
  • Test the reports.

Create other Forms or Reports

  • Create forms or reports for other user designated uses.
  • Test the forms and reports.

Connecting and automating the Tables, Forms and Reports

  • Create buttons, menus and toolbars needed for navigation purposes.
  • Test the buttons, menus and toolbars

Verifying Application Design with the client

  • Verify that forms, reports and queries perform as desired.
  • Verify that all data is accounted for.
  • Discuss any additional features that may be required.

Adding the final Application Design touches

Implementing Security

Testing, Rollout and Training Users of the Microsoft Access Application

  • Test the application to verify that everything works as required.
  • Roll out the application to the end users.
  • Plan a training program to train the users of the application. Consider the depth of documentation appropriate to distribute to the trainers and the users.

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