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Microsoft Access and Flash

Adding A Flash Movie To A Microsoft Access Form:

Question » The problem is this: My boss has requested that I include an animated company logo which has been created using Flash in our Microsoft Access database splash screen, to be opened prior to the database switchboard form opening. From here i want to open any forms, queries and reports.

Is this possible, any help or advice would grateful as I have tried and can not find the solution?

ANSWER » Yes, this is possible using the following details and design -

If you are storing your Flash movie clip in the same directory as the database you can try the following:

With your start-up form in design mode, go to Insert » ActiveX Control. From the list choose Shockwave Flash Object:

Insert ActiveX dialog box
The Insert dialog box, selecting the Flash Movie Object control.

Shockwave Flash Object
Form in design view showing Shockwave Flash Object control

Control's Properties
Property window showing obj_flashmovie properties

Now go to the properties of the form, and for the On Activate Event Procedure add the following code:

Private Sub Form_Activate()
    Me.obj_flashmovie.Movie = Application.CurrentProject.Path + "\Movie1.swf"
End Sub

Change the Movie1.swf to the name of your flash file.