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Microsoft Access Reserved Keywords

List of reserved words in Microsoft Access 97, 2002, 2002 and Access 2003:

The following articles lists words and symbols that you should not use in field, object, and variable names because they are "reserved words." Reserved words have a specific meaning to Microsoft Access or to the Microsoft Jet database engine. If you use a reserved word or symbol, you may receive an error such as the following:

  • The wizard was unable to preview your report, possibly because a table needed by your report is exclusively locked.

For existing objects with names that contain reserved words, you can avoid errors by surrounding the object name with brackets ([ ]).

Because it is not practical to provide a list of all reserved words, such as built-in function names or Microsoft Access user-defined names, please check your product documentation for additional reserved words. Note that if you set a reference to a type library, an object library, or an ActiveX control, that library's reserved words are also reserved words in your database. For example, if you add an ActiveX control to a form, a reference is set, and the names of the objects, methods, and properties of that control become reserved words in your database.

For a full list of the Microsoft Access reserved keywords that you should not use when naming database fields, objects and database variables see the following: