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Microsoft Access Naming Conventions

Database Object Naming Conventions

The Leszynski/Reddick Guidelines for Microsoft Access is the most commonly used naming convention for Access objects. These Guidelines as published in SmartAccess, suggest that all objects should have a descriptive tag, placed at the start of the object name.

Note: It is suggested that the choice of naming convention is not as important as making sure that you do implement 'A' naming stragegy. Which one is purely a personal preference.

Tags for Defining Data Types

Data Type Tag
Binary bin
Byte byt
Autonumber lng
Currency cur
Date/Time dtm
Double dbl
Integer int
Long lng
Memo mem
Ole ole
Single sng
Text str
Yes/No ysn

Tags for Database Container Objects

Objects Tag Example
Form frm frmCustomer
Form (Dialog) fdlg fdlgLogin
Form (Menu) fmnu fmnuUtility
Form (Message) fmsg fmsgWait
Form (Subform) fsub fsubOrder
Macro mcr mcrUpdateInventory
Macro (Menu) mmnu mmunEntryFormFile
Module bas basBilling
Query (Append) qapp qappNewProduct
Query (Crosstab) qxtb qxtbRegionSales
Query (DDL) qddl qddlIInit
Query (Delete) qdel qdelOldAccount
Query (Form Filter) qflt qfltSalesToday
Query (Make-Table) qmak qmakShipTo
Query (Select) qry/qsel qryOverAchiever
Query (SQL Pass-Through) qspt qsptOrder
Query (Totals) qtot qtotResult
Query (Union) quni quniMerged
Query (Update) qupd qupdDiscount
Query (Lookup) qlkp qlkpStatus
Report rpt rptInsuranceValue
Report (Subreport) rsub rsubOrder
Table tbl tblCustomer
Table (Lookup) tlkp tlkpShipper

Tags For Control Objects

Object Tag Example
Chart cht chtSales
Check Box chk chkReadOnly
Combo Box cbo cboIndustry
Command Button cmd cmdCancel
Frame fra fraPhoto
Label lbl lblHelpMessage
Line lin linVertical
ListBox lst lstPolicyCode
Option Button opt optFrench
Option Group grp grpLanguage
Page Break brk brkPage1
Rectangle (Shape) shp shpNamePanel
Subform/Report sub subContact
Textbox txt txtLoginName
Toggle Button tgl tglForm

Alternatives to the Leszynski naming convention can be found in: Naming Conventions - Hungarian Notation