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Print Single Form Record in a Report

How To Print A Single Record from a Microsoft Access Form into a Report

You may, at times, wish to only print the record that you are currently displaying in your Microsoft Access form. This can be done directly from the Form's File » Print Option and choosing Print Range » Selected Record(s).

However, forms are not really optimized to print out records and you may wish to present your data in a more user friendly approach.

Question » From a command button on my form, is it possible to print a report of only the current record?

Answer » Yes, You will need to define a WHERE clause in the DoCmd.OpenReport method


DoCmd.OpenReport reportname [, view][, filtername][, wherecondition]

For Example:

DoCmd.OpenReport "rptEmployeeDetails", acViewPreview, , _

The first section DoCmd. OpenReport "rptEmployeeDetails",acViewPreview can be broken down as:

DoCmd.OpenReport is opening the report - "rptEmployeeDetails".

acViewPreview is opening the report in Print Preview mode.

The last section enclosed in the double quotes is the criteria which can be broken down as:

[lngEmpID] is the name on the unique fieldname of the record that identifies the record you want to print - it could be the Primary Key.

Forms!frmEmployeeDetails !lngEmpID is the place where the value of lngEmpID is to be found. In this case, On a form called 'frmEmployeeDetails' in a control called 'lngEmpID'

This method assumes that the record has already been selected on a form prior to printing. The Report name here is "rptEmployeeDetails".