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Microsoft Access Report Printing

Print multiple copies of a report in Microsoft Access

The situation may arise where it is always necessary to print out a specified number of copies of a Microsoft Access report. If you want to print out multiple copies of a report, then you can use the PrintOut Method, provided that the report is the active object, i.e. you need to firstly open the report in Preview mode.

Private Sub [Your_Command_Button]_Click()
'Open report in Preview mode
    DoCmd.OpenReport "[Your_Report_Name_Goes_Here]", acViewPreview
'Print out specified number of report copies
    DoCmd.PrintOut , , , , 2
End Sub

Another approach to this is to use a function, that incorporates a loop, that will then accept the Microsoft Access report name and specified number of report copies to be printed:

Public Function PrintMultipleCopies(strReportName As String, _
                                    bytNumberOfCopies As Byte)
    Dim bytCounter As Byte
    For bytCounter = 1 To bytNumberOfCopies
        DoCmd.OpenReport strReportName
    Next bytCounter
End Function

You can then call this function, from a command button in your Microsoft Access Form for example, by using:

Private Sub [Your_Command_Button]_Click()
'Prints out named [report x amount of copies] required
    Call PrintMultipleReports("[Your_Report_Name_Goes_Here]", 2)
End Sub