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Microsoft Access Report Printing

How to Print Microsoft Access Query Parameter values onto your report:

If you've based an Access report on a parameter query, you can print the parameters as part of your report. For instance, if your parameter is a date, you can print that date in the header of your report. Simply add a text box to your report's header and specify the parameter by name as the control's Control Source using the form


Let's suppose you want to add the feature to a report named rptHolidayRequests and your query's parameter is Between [Enter Start Date] And [Enter End Date]. In this case, you'd enter the expressions of:

=Reports![rptHolidayRequests]![Enter Start Date]

=Reports![rptHolidayRequests]![Enter End Date]

Below you will see the report in design view, including the two text boxes in the report's header:

The Report in design view

Now you can see the information produced in the report after you have entered the parameters:

The Report including the parameters