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Resetting an AutoNumber Field

How can I reset the initial value of a counter (AutoNumber) field?

During testing a database design you may find that you have included a lot of dummy values, but then want the counters to be reset when you deliver the application.

To solve this problem try the following:

After deleting your dummy data, compact the database, this will reset counter fields to the next sequential value, e.g. for a table with no records this will be zero but if the table still contains data then it will be 1 + the highest value in the table.

There are further alternatives to this process, however this remains the simplest.

If you wish to start the counter field at a different number (for example 1000) then please see the Microsoft Access Help files for:

Change the starting value of an incrementing AutoNumber field or see the following article:

Using an Append Query to Set the Initial Value of an AutoNumber Field