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Microsoft Access User Interface Sample

Book Collection Example

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Created: 2004 - Version 1.0
Tools Used: Access 2000
Client/Market for App: Personal Book Collection/Library

Main data entry screen containing areas to add Author and Book information
Data Entry Screen: This screen shows the main data entry for adding new authors and assigning books to each author.

The top section of the screen is where you would add new author details, the bottom is where book information is added.

Assigning categories to a book
Tabbed Form Section: This section of the main data entry screen (as seen above) contains three tabs.

The visible tab displayed allows a single book to be added to multiple categories.

Tab showing any image assigned to the book
Tabbed Form Section: The second tab shows images that are linked to the book.

The main form (shown top) allows the entry of two linked images, a small thumbnail and the option of a larger image.

If both images are assigned, clicking on the image will open the large image in a new form.

Screen showing any reviews available
Tabbed Form Section: The Reviews tab, indicates if there are currently any reviews associated with the chosen book.

If any reviews have been made the record count is shown and the command button indicates "View Reviews".

If no reviews have been made, the command button changes to "Add Review" and the record count indicates zero (0) reviews.

Adding a book review
Review Form: The search allows the entry of a book review to be made, and will be associated with the book where the review screen was activated from.

You can also assign a reviewer or add a reviewer if they do not currently have a record in the database.

List box, allowing sorting of records.
List Box Search Form: This screen includes a list box, showing all book information. It can be sorted by heading and will open selected record on double-click.