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Microsoft Access User Interface Sample

Football/Soccer Fixture Database

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Created: 2006
Tools Used: Microsoft Access 2002
Client/Market for App: Personal Collection

The main data entry screen, allowing us to record data on Fixture and Player information.
Data Entry Screen: This screen shows the main data entry for adding new Fixture details and assigning Player information.

The top section of the screen is where you would add new fixture details.

We then have two subforms, one for the Home Team, and one for the Away Team Player information.

We also record any goals scored by individual players, which are then totaled to give us the match result.

Synchronizing Combo Box Values.
Combo Box Controls: The combo boxes for the Home/Away team players are synchronized with their associated Home/Away Team combo boxes.

So, once we choose a Home Team/Away Team ID in the main Fixture part of the form, then the Player combo box updates to only display players from that particular team.

Read the article on How to synchronize one combo box based on the value in another for further information.

Prompting when a value is not contained in the combo box list.
Triggering the Not In List event: If we enter a value into the combo box list that is not already contained in the list, we are prompted with a message box. This uses the combo boxes Not In List event.

This will open up a further form to allow us to enter some further values relating to the new player details.

Read the article on How to use the Microsoft Access Not In List event of a combo box for further information.

The Player details form, called from the Not In List event of a combo box
Data Entry, using OpenArgs property: When the form is opened, details are passed to this form using the OpenArgs Property. It will have the Team and Player name already populated from the main form.

We populate the required fields, and when we close the form, the main form is automatically passed the information