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Microsoft Access User Interface Sample

Acquiring Knowledge Of The Stock & The Performance Of The IT Department

Submitted by: Ahmad Habash
Created For: Abed Tahan & Sons Home Appliances Company
Tools Used: Microsoft Access 2003
Programmed & Designed By IT Manager Ahmad Habash
Goal Of The Program : Acquiring Knowledge Of The Stock & The Performance Of The IT Department

Main Form
The left side of the screen allows performing instant reports and queries.

The right side shows what permissions each user has.

The center of the screen provides a map of the processes used in the system

Call Center Screen
This screen shows in details the systemic & technical profile of each user in the company that helps in solving most of the claims by phone.

Call History Screen
Call History Screen:

This Screen shows precisely the history of the claims of a single employee.

Tasks to Do Screen
Tasks To Do Screen:

Each employee has his own claims to solve assigned to him buy the call taker and monitored by a time line that gives a maximum dead line for each case only two days

Claim deadline pop-up message displayed.
When the claim reaches the dead line a pop up message appears and an e-mail is sent to the IT manager to solve the problem.

Stock Management Screen
Stock Manager Screen:

This show all the orders of a certain product like the ink cartridges for the printers and that are exported from the IT department and gives a signal of current quantity that is found in the stock.

Manage Permissions Screen
Manage Permissions Screen:

This enables the Admin of the system to control the permissions of the user involved in it.

Thanks to Ahmad Habash for submitting the above User Interface examples. If you would like to showcase your own examples, please visit the User Interface Design Submission page for more details.