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Microsoft Access User Interface Sample

Point of Sale Software

  • Author of the design: Sazid Gija from accessPOS Retail - Point of Sale Software & Systems
  • Date of application: In development since 2006, currently at version 2
  • Tools Used to create the interface: Access 2003, Paint shop Pro X
  • Target Market/Client: Retail Outfits

Login Screen
Figure 1. Main cashier Login Screen, up to 13 cashiers can be configured with pin login. The cashiers are all listed on the dynamic buttons.

Main application menu
Figure 2. Main Menu, from this screen access to the management screen or to the main POS screen is given.

Main Management Menu
Figure 3. Main Management Menu, various system options are here including the option to backup all the data and product control.

Settings Form.
Figure 4. Settings Form, the system supports cashdraws, display poles and receipt printers and from here the system is setup.

Displaying Historical Reporting
Figure 5. Historical reporting form, one of the reporting functions available.

Main Point of sale screen
Figure 6. Main Point of sale screen, showing 13 dynamic category buttons with 30 dynamic product buttons, barcode product entry is also supported.

Customer Payment Screen
Figure 7. Customer payment screen, the checkout screen with payment is tendered.

Refunds System
Figure 8. Refunds system, is based on a receipt number entry which is required to access the sale.