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Microsoft Access 2007 Import Specifications

The Power of Import Specifications in Access 2007:

One of the most powerful features contained within the Microsoft Access database program is the ability to create import and export specifications. These specifications are important for a number of reasons, but one of the most powerful is that it allows for the importation and exportation of data to be automated and scheduled.

The import specifications for transferring text or other types of files to and from Access can be saved on the last page of the Import Text Wizard simply by checking the Save Import Steps check box. After that box has been checked, an additional set of controls will appear.

  • The Save As box allows a name to be typed for the import specification
  • A description for the specification can be typed in the optional Description box
  • After the name and description are in place, simply click the Save Import button to save the specification.

Saving the import specification is the key to automating imports from other files, and those scheduled tasks are handled through the Create Outlook Task check box. Simply check that box and click Save Import. Checking that box creates a task in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, allowing the specification to be run at a specified future date and at set intervals.

When the Create Outlook Task option is chosen, Access will display the Import Name Task dialog box. Follow these steps to complete the process:

  1. Within the Import Name Task dialog box, review and modify the task settings as needed, including the due date and reminder values.
  2. To make the task a recurring one, click the Recurrence button.
  3. Click Save and then Close.

In order to run a saved task:

  1. Within the Outlook Navigation Pane, click Tasks and then double-click the task to run.
  2. On the Task tab (found in the Office Access group), click Run
  3. Open the table and verify the contents

The ability to automate tasks has always been a powerful feature of Microsoft Access, and that power has been further enhanced within the newest version. Access 2007 makes it even easier and more user friendly to gather the data that is needed, no matter where that data resides or how often it changes.

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