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Microsoft Access Database Table and Table Design Articles and Tips

Here you will find articles relating to Microsoft Access Database table designs and Relational Database design in general, from planning database tables and entities and what data fields will be used, to selecting primary key fields and managing database relationship types.

Hopefully you will find something of interest, whether you need to learn relational database design in general, design a relational database and it's tables and fields, understand relational database terminology, or learn the best practices for implementing a relational database and it's relationship types.

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Microsoft Access Database Tables

Topic Date Submitted Downloadable File
Good Table Designs 15/05/2002 N/A
Resetting an Access Counter (AutoNumber) Field

Tested on Access 97, 2000 and XP

03/07/2002 N/A
Adding a prefix to an Access AutoNumber Field

Tested on Access 2000

04/07/2002 N/A
Primary Keys 20/08/2002 N/A
Tables & Fields 22/08/2002 N/A
Table Performance Tips 12/09/2002 N/A
Selecting Primary Key Fields 01/10/2002 N/A
Identifying Table Relationships 01/10/2002 N/A
Managing Many-To-Many Relationships 02/10/2002 N/A
Referential Integrity 14/10/2002 N/A
Using an Append Query to set the initial value of an AutoNumber Field 04/11/2002 N/A
Example of Many-To-Many Relationships

Access 2000 version (File available for download)

16/11/2002 [44 KB]
Working with Fields & Datatypes 17/12/2002 N/A
Primary and Foreign Keys 27/03/2003 N/A
What is a Key and How should I choose one? 08/08/2003 N/A
Primary and Foreign key constraints are and what they are used for 05/02/2004 N/A
Do I need a Primary Key and what happens if I don't define one ? 10/03/2004 N/A
Domain Integrity 22/03/2004 N/A
Entity Integrity 22/03/2004 N/A
Avoid multiple fields that contain similar data in Access 25/06/2004 N/A
A Natural Key vs. a Meaningful Key 12/07/2004 N/A
AutoNumber Data Type 21/08/2004 N/A
Too Many Fields Defined in a Microsoft Access Database Table 25/08/2004 N/A
Descriptive and Meaningful Field Names in your Database Design 06/09/2004 N/A
Enforce Referential Integrity 25/01/2005 N/A
Data Integrity - Relational Database Design 22/06/2005 N/A
Table Level (Entity) Integrity - Relational Database Design 22/06/2005 N/A
Creating a new table using an Excel file 22/07/2005 N/A
Auto Numbering In Microsoft Access 24/10/2005 N/A
Benefits of a Primary Key 14/11/2006 N/A
A Naming Scheme for Database Tables and Fields 17/01/2008 N/A