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Ever thought of writing technical articles, it could be an opportunity to begin a new career. It's also a chance to contribute back to the Microsoft Access community.

Database Solutions for Microsoft Access | - was started around 2002 (under a different name) to provide a place were users of Microsoft Access could find articles, tips and samples that may provide help in what they were wanting to achieve. It was started by one individual who had decided to build their own Microsoft Access help site that would be available to their community. would like to offer the opportunity for everyone to contribute their original articles, ideas, tips, whatever they would like to offer to the Microsoft Access community.

Why Write?

Writing is an effort. It takes time, requires patience and work, and you are subjecting yourself to criticism when you publish something.

It could also prove tremendously rewarding. It can be therapeutic, and it shows the world a part of you that they might never see. People you never have met, never spoken to, will gain an understanding of you. They will learn about your skills and abilities.

Benefits of writing for

So why should you write for

Well, there are quite a few benefits that we can provide.

  • Exposure for your work - serves over 350,000 pages every month and this is increasing monthly!
  • Author Page - We will provide you with a link on our author/columnists page, a separate home page with your biography that you are free to link to your company, your homepage or whatever.
  • Payment - We will pay approx $30-50 per published article via PayPal (subject to content). It's not much, but it's something. As an ad supported site, our finances are limited, but as we grow and develop better revenue streams, this is subject to grow.

Contribution Policies

Rules and regulations:


We are a Microsoft Access based community. As a result, we like to see articles on any subject dealing with Microsoft Access Design, Development, Programming, Security, Deployment. Any version, whatever your specialty is, your source of knowledge, pick something you think you're good at and send it to us.

If you have a review of a product or book we will also be interested in looking over this.

If you have a question, feel free to query us via email about your topic.


Whilst does not ask for copyright to your work, we would appreciate it.

You retain copyright, but give us the distribution or publication rights on this web site in perpetuity. You should also be aware that we may modify the document in relation to formatting etc. to ensure that it will fit in with the overall design of the website.


A tricky topic. Digital Rights, copyrights, Intellectual Property, whatever you want to call it.

We want to give your flexibility and freedom, but we need to balance this with the need to promote and grow our site. Any articles that we pay you for, you agree to give us 120 days of exclusive distribution rights, meaning you will not publish them elsewhere for 120 days from the date of publication. Since we may not publish it for a few weeks after we get it, be sure you account for this.

We are happy to accept articles that are published elsewhere, but we do not pay for them and the author is responsible for ensuring he is not violating any other agreements.

And you are free to re-publish or submit the article to any other site after it has been released on for 120 days.

Getting Started

So how do you go about getting started? You can email a draft to We'll be happy to take a look and let you know what we think.

Your article can be written in any text editor, WYSIWYG package or Microsoft Word. Please be aware that we may need to modify the article design to allow us to ensure that this fits in with our web site design. Please also include any graphics required to support the article in a useable format (.jpg, .gif or .png)