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Microsoft Access SQL and SQL Query Design Articles and Topics

Here you will find articles relating to SQL (Structured Query Language) and SQL use and implementation in Microsoft Access. You will find articles and topics relating to SQL query designs, from planning what tables and fields will be used to selecting criteria to be used in the SQL Statements. There are articles on SQL basics, SQL Select, Insert, Update and Delete Statements and topics on why use SQL.

Hopefully you will find something of interest, whether you need to create simple SQL Select Queries, to inserting and updating information using the SQL language in Microsoft Access.

SQL Query Tree Editor for Microsoft Access
An indispensable MS Access add-in for developers who use queries as the core of their applications. Create queries using SQL templates, edit your SQL queries in a superior query editor. Keep track of the dependency relations between queries. Free trial.

Dashboard Builder for Microsoft Access
Need to see key data from your Access database in a single dashboard? Tired of creating query after query to really understand your Access data? Dashboard Builder for Microsoft Access is an easy to use tool to create powerful dashboards in minutes…without being a SQL wizard. Free trial available

Database Recovery
SQL & Microsoft Access Database Recovery. Disaster recovery for inaccessible and/or lost database files

111 Power Access Queries/SQL Examples

Are you mining all the nuggets out of your goldmine? Are you asking your database questions tough enough to extract all the pertinent information for your business? Do you want to push the envelope and create some esoteric yet powerful queries? Here are 70+ challenging query examples all employing advanced techniques based mostly on the tables in the Northwind database which comes with Microsoft Access.

Built-in Access functions, query parameters, derived tables, self-joins, unequal joins, cross joins and correlated subqueries can make synergistic combinations, enabling you to build compact, powerful, and reusable queries.

Take your query building skills to the next level and impress your boss and/or colleagues. You will also find the query examples suitable to use as teaching material for an advanced Access class. Profit from these expert query techniques now. This product requires Microsoft Access 2000 or higher.

Guidelines followed in constructing the query examples:

  1. Do not use user-defined functions (VBA code).
  2. Use nested queries and sub-queries sparingly.
  3. Introduce as many Access's built-in functions as possible.
  4. Go outside the box and exclude run-of-the mill type of queries.
  5. Use parameters wherever appropriate.
  6. Cover as many types of query as possible.
Download: 111 Power Access Query/SQL Examples