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Microsoft Access 2007 Upgrade

Access 2007 Decisions – Factors to Consider Before the Upgrade:

Each new upgrade of widely used programs like Microsoft Access brings with it a host of new features and improvements, but it also brings a great deal of uncertainty as well, with users wondering how they should proceed. Many users and database administrators also wonder how their current database programs will work with the newest version of Access, and it is important for those considering upgrading to Access 2007 to carefully consider their options and make plans for transitioning their existing files to this new and enhanced database program.

One of the most important factors for any business to consider when upgrading a much used and much loved program is user satisfaction and acceptance. While the features of Microsoft Access 2007 have been designed with usability in mind, some of them may take some getting used to. It is a good idea for transitioning companies to take the time to train their employees on the use of these new features before doing the company wide upgrade.

Backward Compatibility

Users of the new Access 2007 database program will be pleased to know that they will be able to open applications written in earlier versions of Access, and for the most part those applications will function just as they do in Access 2003. Therefore it may not be necessary to convert every old database to a new format.

Security Features

Users of Access 2003 are no doubt familiar with the security dialog boxes that would sometimes pop up. Those dialog boxes are gone in Access 2007, but users who open a file that has not been digitally signed may see a security alert in the area known as the Business Bar. The appearance of these security alerts will depend on the macro settings, just as with older versions of Access.

Custom Menu Bars

Many users of Access 2007 will be happy to know that they will now have the ability to create custom menu bars, and even to replace the default menu bar with a custom version. This feature will no doubt be welcomed by many Access users.

Data Access Pages

While earlier versions of Access provided a method for database designers to develop browser based pages, Access 2007 does not provide the Data Access Page designer. If a data access page is opened with Access 2007, an instance of Internet Explorer is automatically started instead. Those wishing to make changes to the design of those pages will need to use Access 2003 to do so.

These are just some of the factors business owners, managers and ordinary users will need to consider as they contemplate an upgrade path to the new version of Microsoft Office and the new version of Microsoft Access. Access 2007 offers a number of compelling reasons to switch, and a great many benefits, but like all business decisions it is important to gather as much information as possible before moving forward.

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