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Access Database Repair and Recovery Software:

AccessFIX is a Microsoft Access database repair and recovery software that restores damaged MS Access files, rebuilding the table data. This utility works with MS Access 95, 97, 2000, XP, and 2003:

AccessFIX repair and recovery software downloads

When a Microsoft Access database shows an error while trying to open it chances are that it is corrupt. AccessFIX extracts the information from the file and creates a new one that is trouble free.

Restore your database files easily in only 15 minutes:

Download the free database repair and recovery software demo now to evaluate the recovery capabilities of the program. Once AccessFIX demo is installed you will easily recover your database file and view the results with only a few clicks.

View the results and if satisfied order the paid edition. Once you have ordered AccessFIX you will immediately receive an Email with your download information and registration codes.


Allows the user to assess the recovery capabilities of this utility. You can select any damaged file and recover it in seconds. This free edition lets you see the recovered file but not save it. Some fields show the caption "demo". The demo cannot be registered. Download the demo database recovery software to see how the recovered file will look.

The latest version of AccessFIX:

Windows Vista Compatible

This version has an new recovery engine with many new features and improvements. In addition to the features in previous versions, the new AccessFIX 5 includes:

  • An undelete function has been added. Now AccessFIX restores deleted records and tables.
  • A new recovery engine that repairs more tables in database files that are extremely damaged. Where there was no solution prior to this release, now these highly damage Access files can be restored.
  • Increased recovery speed for even the largest and most damaged files.
  • Macros are now recovered.
  • Modules are now recovered.
  • Access Forms are now recovered.
  • Reports are now recovered.
  • All types of fields are restored including autonumeric, replica ID, and decimal fields.
  • Indexes are now recovered.
  • Relations are now recovered.
  • Queries are now recovered.
  • The replacement file feature has been improved.
  • The repaired file is now always saved in the same original version of Access and cannot be saved in CSV format.