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Microsoft Access 2007

Your Guide to the Benefits of Microsoft Access 2007:

For a number of years now, the programs contained within the Microsoft Office suite have helped users get organized, share information and become more productive. From its inception, one of the most dynamic and most capable programs within that suite has been Microsoft Access. This highly capable and scalable database program has become the de facto standard for many companies and organizations, and it plays a central role in the data infrastructure of many businesses. The new Microsoft Access 2007 database program is designed to build upon the successes of past versions, while at the same time providing a number of new features and benefits to database administrators, application developers and ordinary users alike.

Some of the most useful features of the new Access 2007 revolve around the ability to easily and quickly share information between programs and among users in the organization. Access 2007 user have the ability to easily track and report information using an interactive design and improved interface that no longer requires an in depth knowledge of database design and function.

Users of Access 2007 are also free to share information over the Internet, using Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. This data can be easily backed up, audited and otherwise used by authorized users, both inside and outside the company. Some of the other new features Access 2007 users will find useful include the following:

New User Interface

Access 2007 users will appreciate the new and completely redesigned user interface, including a new tabbed window view and new navigation pane. Even users with no previous database program experience will find the new interface intuitive, user friendly and easy to use.

Prebuilt Solutions

Many database tasks are repetitive, and the new library of prebuilt solutions make it easier than ever to track information. Many forms and reports have been prebuilt for convenience, and those prebuilt solutions can be easily customized to meet the needs of any business or individual. Some of the many solutions built into the new Access 2007 include issue tracking, project tracking, asset tracking and contact management.

Multiple Reports/Multiple Views

Access 2007 also provides users with the ability to create multiple ways to view the same information. Reports in Access 2007 are a true WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) experience, and reports can easily be modified on the fly, with real time feedback and real time visual changes. Access 2007 includes a new grouping pane, along with filtering and sorting capabilities which can display the information as needed.

Fast Table Creation

In Access 2007 table creation has never been easier, thanks to the automatic type detection built into the program. As the information is typed into a new table, Access automatically detects its format (currency, text, numeric, etc.). Access 2007 also provides the ability for users to simply paste an entire Excel table into Access, providing the power of the database at the touch of a button.

New Field Types

In addition to the ease of creating tables, Access 2007 provides users with a number of new field types for even greater flexibility. These new field types include attachments and multi-value fields. Access 2007 also provides users with the ability to attach any document, image or spreadsheet to any record in the application.

Better Program Integration

Access 2007 continues its user friendly interface through tighter integration with other Office programs. Access 2007 users have the ability to create forms with Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 or HTML and use the information in the database. The resulting form can easily be shared with colleagues via email, with team member responses used to update the Access table as needed.

Information Sharing

Users of Access 2007 will find it easy to share information through Microsoft SharePoint Services. SharePoint makes it easy to share information with other team members, using the power of both applications to easily access and edit real time data through a Web interface.

Tracking of SharePoint Services Lists

Access 2007 can be used as a rich client interface to easily analyze data and create reports using Windows SharePoint Services lists. In addition, the lists can quickly and easily be taken offline, updated and late synchronized when the network is available. This function makes it easy and convenient to update information anytime, anywhere.

Better Management of SharePoint Services

The new Access 2007 also makes it easy and convenient to move data to Windows SharePoint Services for easier manageability. The movement of data to SharePoint Services makes it easy to routinely backup data on the server, recover any deleted or damaged files, track revision histories and set access permissions.

Easier Use of Multiple Source Information

Microsoft Access 2007 also makes it easy to link tables from other sources to the database. Access 2007 is designed to seamlessly integrate with Excel spreadsheets, ODBC data sources, Microsoft SQL Server databases, Windows SharePoint Services sites and more. These linked tables can then be used to easily create reports and other valuable output.