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Microsoft Access Database Recovery

Database recovery - how to repair a Microsoft Access file

There are many things that can go wrong with an Access database that will corrupt it and render it useless. An invalid procedure call or argument, out of memory errors, an array that is temporarily locked or fixed, there are literally hundreds of errors that can corrupt a Microsoft database. If you are an advanced user you may be able to correct the problem. It is true that some can be solved easier than others, but in most cases you may end up with a partial database or a file that occasionally shows errors.

Outside the techy solutions for database recovery there are commercial applications that will repair the database in your PC without having to send the file to third parties. If you are unsure if your database is corrupt or not ask yourself the following question: If I try to open the database in a different computer does it still show the same error or errors? If the answer is yes then the problem is in the file and not your PC or even Access itself.

There are literally dozens of tools available for database recovery. Most are very amateurish or are sold through companies that may not reach the standards of your average business. When looking for an MDB recovery tool check not only the functionality but also the company itself that is selling you their software. Does the site give you their physical address? Does it provide a phone number you can call? Is there an about us page that really tells you who they are? Does the site have a legal section that explains how their business is conducted? Does the site offer a reliable money back guarantee? Database data recovery software is not cheap. If you are going to spend a significant amount of money you better make sure you buy from a reliable source.

Of all the tools available I have found one that not only answers yes to all the above questions, but also meets the technical requirements for Microsoft Access repair. The name of the tool is AccessFIX and here are some of the reasons why it is in a different league altogether from its competitors: Only this tool restores all objects and details in the database; recovers every field type, all the details in the tables, high precision numbers, indexes and relations and the referential integrity of the database. Of course it also restores queries, reports, macros, visual basic and forms. As an added bonus it also will undelete tables and records after an accidental erasure. If you work with non-western characters then AccessFIX is also your best choice as it is the tool that better recovers this type of characters.

As most tools for database recovery are, AccessFIX is available in a non-paid mode that lets you recover the database and see the data in the tool's viewer. After the trial you can order the registration key on-line and have your Access database repaired in minutes. The tool is guaranteed to work, meaning that there will be a refund if the data is not restored. recommends Access Database Repair and Recovery Software from

AccessFIX repair and recovery software downloadsThe best Microsoft® Access database repair program available. The only one that recovers all the file's objects and the important details. This utility works with Microsoft® Access 95, 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 and 2007.

Restore your database files easily in only 15 minutes:

Download the free database repair and recovery software demo now to evaluate the recovery capabilities of the program. Once AccessFIX demo is installed you will easily recover your database file and view the results with only a few clicks.