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Microsoft Access User Interface Sample

Personal Organiser

Submitted by : Nurahmed Ali
Created: 2005
Tools Used: Microsoft Access 2000
Client/Market for App: Personal Organiser

Personal Organiser Database splash screen
Splash Screen: The Personal Organiser splash screen displays when we open up the database.

After 4 seconds the splash screen closes and displays the main switchboard shown below.

The main switchboard in the database allows us to access further switchboards for different areas of the database.
Database Switchboard: The main switchboard contains commands to access three further switchboards.

We can access

  • Contacts
  • Birthdays
  • Appointments

We can also Quit the application from this screen.

The database switchboards, displaying the different options available to the user.
Alternative Switchboards: Here we see all of the different options available on each of the different switchboards.

Each switchboard has options to open various forms and reports that are available.

Each switchboard has an option to return to the main menu.

The Add New Contact Screen allows us to add contact details and contact phone numbers
Data Entry Screen: The Add New Contacts screen allows us to add the Contact personal information.

We can also assign multiple contact phone numbers in this screen.

View Contact Information from these screens
View and Search Forms: From the Contacts switchboard, we can choose to view the data in various ways.

Here we can search and view Contact data and also view Contact Phone information.

The Search Birthdays screen
Search Form: From the Birthdays menu, we can use this screen to search for Contacts birthdays either by Month or by Contact Name

Reports generated from the Birthday Switchboard
Generating Reports: From the Birthdays switchboard, we can generate various reports.

These display and group information in a variety of ways.

The Appointment Maker screen
Scheduling Appointments: From the Appointments screen, we can schedule appointments to be made.

The Appointments report.
From the Appointments switchboard, we can generate a report of appointments in the future.

These display all relevant information relating to each appointment.