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Microsoft Access User Interface Sample

Job Estimation Database

  • Author of the database: Lukas Lorenz from, a database development organization.
  • Date of application: developed in 2008
  • Tools used to create the database: MS Access 2003
  • Target Market: Anybody who needs to estimate projects/parcels of work. The database has been developed for a Construction Company, however the system is not locked, full source code is included so any developer or business owner with some MS Access knowledge can customize the database to their exact requirements.

Figure 1
Figure 1. The Job Estimation Database Main Menu consists of 2 main functions.

Figure 2
Figure 2. The Job Estimate window provides functionality to collect and update of all details pertaining to estimation of costs for a parcel of work/project/job.

Figure 3.
Figure 3. There are two ways to enter a new Job Estimate (after clicking the “New Estimate” button):

  • one is to enter the details into the blank form provided, or
  • copy details from an existing Job Estimate record

Figure 4.
Figure 4. The Admin section provides two functions. The Codes function provides the functionality to add/edit details needed for look-up tables while the Attach Tables function provides the functionality to connect to the tables in the data file (only needed if the database is separate to the user interface).

Figure 5.
Figure 5. The Code Maintenance section allows customization of all drop down boxes and their values. To edit details select a table from the list. The selected table’s values are listed in a new window where details may be added, updated and/or deleted.

The Author

Author of the database: Lukas Lorenz from, a database development organization.

There are a number of databases available at, with each one having a User Manual available for perusal to inform yourself of the functionality of the system before committing to a purchase.

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